Fort Drum's carpooling for a greener tomorrow

If you are a driver, and would like to volunteer, please select the "I'm a Driver" link from the menu bar.

If you are looking to catch a ride with someone, check out the "Show me Rides" link.

For anyone looking to utilize the Drum rideshare connection, you need to take the time to review the etiquette, rules and FAQ sections before entering into any ridesharing agreement.

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Carpool Etiquette
  • Cost sharing $$$
  • Decide how you will split the costs before you start carpooling. The big one is usually fuel, which you can decide based on the mileage of the vehicle and actual trip distance shared. Toll-way costs are also good to split. If you do not drive at all, consider maintenance, parking costs and increase in insurance premium that the driver may have to bear as well. Licensing and depreciation are other costs usually not significant enough – but get these clarified before you start carpooling.

    Example: AAA average cost per mile in 2006 was $0.44 USD. For a two person carpool for 10 miles one way, using the AAA average the amount the driver incurs for the trip is $4.44. Splitting this equally between the driver and rider, it means the rider should pay $2.22 to the driver.

  • Rules of the game
  • Decide on some basic rules. Smoking, eating, loud music, radio station, talking in the car – all these are details, which, if sorted out well beforehand make your carpooling enjoyable. The results of your search will show whether or not the driver is a smoker before you try to contact them.

  • Waiting time
  • This is the big one. Decide on a waiting time and how many calls you are going to make. 5 minutes and 2 calls are usually a good starting point. Share your cell phone numbers since weather conditions, traffic conditions, car troubles are all factors which could affect driving times.

  • Backup strategy
  • Have a backup plan in case the driver falls sick, goes on vacation or the car breaks down. We recommend having at least two drivers in your carpool. Public transportation can also make a good backup plan.

  • More etiquette
  • Simple strategy like big and tall in the front can make the ride convenient for all. If you are driving, tidy up your car. Don’t pick up errands on your way without consulting others - it is usually best to carpool straight to and from the destination.

  • Insurance
  • Drivers, consider increasing the appropriate coverage like liability and underinsured motorist. Please verify with your insurance company about any other considerations for your carpool.